Meerveil Bedroom PP Storage Wardrobe, 20 Cubes, Milky Color, Creative Stickers Offered


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Meerveil / Bedroom Wardrobe



  • Three Sets Of Creative Stickers Offered: Different-Style Stickers Individually Chosen To Decorate The Organiser, Changing A New Set Of Sticker Makes It As Brilliant As A New One.
  • Assembled According To Personal Preferences: Buy One Get Two Clothes Rails Free, Cube Cabinets And Specially Designed Space For Hanging Clothes Assembled In Accordance With Individual Tastes.
  • Easy To Assemble& Good Stability: Premium Connectors Served As Strong Joints Among Cube Sheets, Facilitating Assembly And Enhancing Safety, A Wooden Hammer Offered Free Of Charge.
  • Magnets Coupled With Interlocks: Cabinets Locked Without Any Trace Of A Narrow Slot, Leaving It Difficult For Items To Drop Out.
  • Premium Material: Malleable, Waterproof, Dust-Resistant, Anti-Bacteria, Eco-Friendly, Easy To Clean.


    Specification(12 cubes):

    • Item includes: 12 cubes
    • Item Weight: 11 Kilograms
    • Dimensions:110*37*145(connectors counted)
    • Material: PP plastic (sheet) + ABS plastic (connector)
    • Color: White
    • Package Content:
    • 43 x Transparent Coffee Panel,43 x Black Connector
    • 12 x Door Panel,12 x Door Magnet
    • 2 x Clothes Rail,1 x Instructions,1 x Wooden Hammer


    Specification(20 cubes):

    • Item includes: 20 cubes
    • Item Weight 16.6 Kilograms
    • Dimensions:145*37*180(connectors counted)
    • Material: PP plastic (sheet) + ABS plastic (connector)
    • Color: white
    • Package Content:
    • 64 x Transparent Coffee Panel,64 x Black Connector
    • 20 x Door Panel,20 x Door Magnet
    • 2 x Clothes Rail,1 x Instructions,1 x Wooden Hammer



    • Stay away from heat and fire sources.
    • The caustic cleaner is forbidden.
    • Heavy things like books and dumbbells are not suggested to be stored.
    • Please plan your space before purchasing.

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