Mondeer Cat Scratching Tree, Light/Dark Grey/Beige Color, Large Size, Seven Levels of Different Heights


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Meerveil / Cat Scratching Tree




  • Thickened base of large size - 210 cm (height) of large size, a luxury climbing frame for cats integrating entertainment, activity and leisure. The base is thickened and the stability is improved. It can accommodate a maximum of four or five cats at the same time.
  • Unique custom of a wavy slide: This is the exellent solution for the hassle of scratches in your furniture. Serving as an advanced replacement for a horizontal scratching post, the corrugated slide better meets the demand for cat scratchers.
  • New swing function: the shape of a hanging "spinning top" allows demand kitten to hide and play. Add interest to the cat tree.
  • Satisfies demand for height - Designed in seven levels of different heights, with two gazebo, a slide, three platforms and several jumping platforms. Your cat can experience the pleasure of exploring and hiding from several angles.
  • Natural Needs - Use enough sisal on each column, covering an area of ​​3/4, to meet the cat's needs to grind the paw anywhere and anytime.



  • 6 floors
  • Total height: 210cm
  • Base dimension: 52 * 62cm
  • Number of posts: 5
  • Post diameter: 7cm
  • Bassinet to rest: 3
  • Cave: 2


Package Content:

  • Can accommodate several cats
  • 3 Large Platforms
  • 1 Small Platform
  • 2 floors
  • 2 Cave to rest
  • 3 Bassinet to rest



  • The product smell is normal,but Please put it in an ventilative position for 2-3 days in your best
  • Please assemble the product from lower layer to up
  • Ensure each layer is tightened , then add the top layer one by one.
  • The number of applicable cats is the normal size, excluding some overweight cats.

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